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We strongly believe,the foundation and success of any business is to ultimately satisfy the consumer,and we promote this with our products, which must function with ease, have the desired appearance and emphasis on good quality for long lasting service, and just important priced well within reach.
In this short years, we have built up a strong customer base world wide. We have our own manufacturing capacity,warehouse, and proudly own our more than 200 exclusive products.
Progressing to a company with our continuously increasing yearly sales. It is obvious our philosophy to please the customer with quality products and competitive price is being achieved, and we welcome you to join us.


Prakash Engg. Services is known for it's prompt reply, always eager to serve it's customers in better way. We always apply new ideas to improve our quality and attractive packing. Our timely shipment enables us to avoid any type of Delivery time problems. We are very strict about timings given to us by our customer.
To help our customers, we can also provide the prices according to their currencies including their Import Duties and any other expenses.

We have a very very strong network throughout INDIA, which helps us to source any product at very competitive prices within a number of days. So, our customers can get everything under one roof at affordable prices.


Prakash Engg. Services has an extensive and comprehensive range of products. We consider the needs of most homes whether it is traditional or with latest designs. We manufacture any kind of precision "Brass Component" exactly as per original piece to satisfy our customers.

We also trade in "Handles" & "Knobs", "White Metal Handles" etc.

If you require a product manufactured exclusively to yourself not found in our range, whether new or an old original, we have a team of management, tool makers and a work force capable to serve your needs.

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"Hasmukh Kunj", 50 Digvijay Plot, Jamnagar - 361 005. Gujarat. INDIA
Phone : +91-288-2566089 Fax : +91-288-2566662
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